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Evidence of its existence as a lookout point can be traced back to the 12th century.

 In the 14th century the English Black Prince set up rear base here during his sacking of the outskirts of Carcassonne and his first assaults on the medieval city – before giving up, beaten by its defences. Vexed by this defeat, he vented his anger by razing the lower town!

 The païchère (water dam) on the river, the pressure pipeline and the ruins of workshops show the intensive weaving activity on the banks of the Orbiel at the end of the 17th century.

 At that time, the bishopric – proprietor of the domain – gave Paul Riquet a strip of land required in the construction of the Canal du Midi. In return, Paul Riquet named the structure that borders the property the Bishop’s Lock (l’Écluse de l’Evêque).

 From the end of the 18th century Fourtou was more of a country leisure estate than a real castle.

 At the beginning of the following century the BARBÈS family settled there and this is where the young Armand spent his youth before entering the political and social fray. Fierce republican and ardently anti-monarchy, he died in exile at La Haye. His ashes were repatriated to the land of his childhood, in the monument that can be found at the highest point of the domain.

 The domain turned into a wine producing business at the end of the 19th century and the buildings have existed in their present form since then.

  • Mazet up to 4 persons

    If Les Cabanes dans les Bois® are an invitation to travel, the MAZET invites us rather to linger a while. For a memorable evening, just listen to the sounds of the forest at dusk. If you keep very still, you might catch a glimpse of the many animals that visit the domain when it is […]

  • Cassine up to 2 persons

    Of all the huts, the CASSINE is ideal for a romantic getaway. The octagonal architecture creates an immediate sense of calm and well-being: the change of atmosphere is complete. These huts are like secret gardens spread around the domain. Reserve now! [easy_calendar resource=”1982″ width=”100″ style=”1″ req=”1″ price=”3″ monthes=”1×1″ interval=”1″] [easy_form resource style=”none” submit=”Reservation successfully sent” subsubmit=”Please […]

  • Tribu up to 5 persons

    The TRIBUS, the largest of our huts, is designed to be a welcoming place to relax with family or friends. The footpaths leading to them are in relief and varied. One last tip for a magical awakening: don’t close the curtains before you go to sleep. In the morning, the first light of dawn will draw […]

  • Cahute up to 4 persons

    The CAHUTE is ideal for two couples spending the weekend together – it is designed to respect the privacy of each one. The surrounding environment has truly been blessed by nature. Some might be tucked away deep in the domain but the panoramic terrace of one overhangs the traditional irrigation dam (the païchère), by almost 30 […]

  • Refuge up to 4 persons

    The Refuge is ideal for lovers of all natural and authentic things. Its quirky angular shape preserves you and offers really enjoyable spaces. After a visit of the Lastours castles or the caves at Cabrespine, followed by a dip in the swimming pool, you will enjoy the peace and quiet of your terrace (one of […]

  • Fuste up to 4 persons

    In the woods of the domain, with the footpath winding past, the FUSTE is designed for family accommodation or for a get together with friends. You can enjoy the natural surroundings before sharing a dining buffet on the terrace or a meal specially prepared for you with local specialties. On cooler evenings there is plenty of […]

  • Cabane Cagna

    De 1 à 2 personnes

  • Cabane Cassine

    De 1 à 2 personnes

  • Cabane CAMBUSE

    De 1 à 3 personnes

  • Cabane Isba

    De 1 à 4 personnes

  • Cabane Fuste

    De 1 à 4 personnes

  • Cabane Refuge

    De 1 à 4 personnes

  • Cabane Mazet

    De 1 à 4 personnes

  • Cabane La Chaumine

    De 1 à 4 personnes

  • Cabane Cahute

    De 1 à 4 personnes

  • Cabane FRESNES

    De 1 à 6 personnes

  • Cabane Tribu

    De 1 à 7 personnes